A good experience

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For an school assignment I had to write a message about a good or bad experience. I would like to tell you about my vacation with friends in Bulgaria last summer. There is an entertainment area which is called Sunnybeach, a lot of young people are going to this place to party. On the 4th of august we flew to Bulgaria in the middle of the night. It was 35 degrees and 9 am when we landed but our room wasn’t ready yet. When we arrived at the Admiral Plaza hotel we left our suitcases in the lobby of the hotel and took a dip in the swimmingpool. From that moment on we had an amazing time in Bulgaria. Unfortunately the 5th day i got a little sick although we didn’t stop of course. We partied all night long and tanned every afternoon. After the beach or swimmingpool we took a nap until dinner. We had met a lot of great people which all had the same reason to be there, have fun, get tanned, party, drink and don’t think about going back to the normal live. Eleven days later our vacation was over and we flew back to Amsterdam. Everybody was sick and overtired but the most important thing was; we had an amazing time in Sunnybeach!

A promotion movie about one of the party’s you can go in Sunnybeach.